Amrish Kacharia

Joining the company in 1981 when Prabhat Cables was the principal supplier to one of the country’s biggest corporate houses The Birlas. He expanded business far beyond from here acquiring business and ties with Reliance and Essar. His one pointed vision to focus on expanding business he moved from corporate house to corporate house acclaiming respect and admiration both from peers and clients.

A pioneer from his early days he moved towards the digitization of the company with the advent of technology at the dawn of the nineties. During these days he built a system that spanned over 30 super computers that span the country relaying dynamic and key market information to integrate real time buying and selling decisions. He currently holds two colossal portfolios owing to their real time magnitude of demands and attention. Off late he has spearheaded a team of experts who now hold the responsibility of the operations of the company.

He embodies all the values of the next generation of Prabhat Cables & Polycab products.
Chief Executive Officer